Dictionary WebApp that uses trie data structure to traverse a word list of 5000 words in autocomplete and make USE of APIs to deliver a fully funtioning dictionary

Pathfinding algorithm visualiser

Built an algorith visualiser using P5.js technology to find the shortest distance between any two nodes and visualise the search process

Candy Design

Website homepage design inspired by sugary sweetness

Ping Pong Score Keeper

PPSK is a small webapp that helps player's who play Table Tennis (Also known as ping pong) keep a track of their score and select different game modes they want to play to.


Pong is an arcade game from the 1970s recreated with HTML, native Javascript and P5 JS. The game accomplishes the ball generation, physics and movement seamlessly and is a proud addition.


My web development journey is a fairly newborn passion. However, in the shortest amount of time I have been able to teach myself a lot of relavant technologies.


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